Myeongdong Street Food Eating, Seoul

Myeongdong is a bustling shopping area in Seoul, South Korea, that is packed with international fashion brands, luxury department stores, homegrown cosmetics shops, restaurants and cafes. After 5 pm, street vendors pull up their carts along the two main streets of Myeongdong to sell clothes, shoes, accessories and the popular Korean street food!

Some of our favorites street food

Tornado Potato – my son #1 favorite!

Tornado Potato – Some said this impressive tornado like potato swirl is like a marriage of french fries and potato chips. The potato is cut into a spiral, spread out on a long stick, deep fried until crunchy and sprinkled with addictive cheesy tasting powder. You can also enjoy a tornado potato with a sausage in the middle!

Croissant Taiyaki – my son #2 favorite!

Croissant Taiyaki – This is the croissant version of the Japanese Taiyaki which is traditionally filled with red bean paste. The chocolate and banana ones are really delicious!

Goon Mandu

Goon Mandu – The Korean pan fried dumpling filled with pork and vegetables is our family all time favorite. There are a few stalls selling these but we always buy from this particular stall that provides nice dipping sauce and pickle to go with the Mandu.


Gimbap – This stall sells bite-sized sushi like rolls that are filled with steamed white rice and various ingredients. My favorite ones are tuna, kimchi and bulgogi. There are also squid, spam and anchovy.

Korean Softserve Ice-cream

Softserve Ice-cream – Soft and very tall ice-cream at 32 cm high for just 2,000 won! There are several flavor combinations to choose from, such as chocolate, vanilla, green tea, milk, strawberry and yoghurt.

Other Myeongdong street food

Getting There

  • Take subway to Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) and use Exit 6 or 7.
  • Note: We found we had to use the stairs a lot at most Seoul subway stations. Finding an elevator or escalator is challenging or rare. So, those with stroller, suitcases or wheel chair will want to take note and plan ahead.
  • Below a map for reference.