Give Away Time!

I am happy to announce our first Give Away which many have requested!

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a FREE bottle of doTERRA most popular essential oils when you sign up for a Wholesale Membership between 14 and 21 May 2018:

  • 15mL Wild Orange essential oil if you sign up with an enrollment kit of 100 PV+
  • 15mL Balance Grounding Blend essential oil if you sign up with an enrollment kit of 200 PV+

Click here for the enrollment details.  You will receive a welcome email from me including detail of the FREE oil after you have successfully sign up!

About Wild Orange

  • Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange is one of doTERRA’s top selling essential oils due to its energizing aroma and multiple health benefits.
  • High in monoterpenes, Wild Orange possesses stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal to support healthy immune system function.
  • It can be taken daily to cleanse the body or used on surfaces as a natural cleaner.
  • Diffusing Wild Orange will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air.
  • Wild Orange enhances any essential oil blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.

About Balance

  • The warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Begin your day by putting Balance on the bottom of your feet to promote feelings of calmness and tranquility throughout the day.
  • Balance is a great oil blend to use during an AromaTouch Hand Massage.
  • Apply to your wrists or neck to help ease anxious feelings.
  • Diffuse in your car during road trips to create a calming, soothing environment.