Choosing The Best One

Not all essential oils are of equal quality. When selecting essential oils, the most important factor to consider is that they are tested and certified to be pure, potent, genuine, and safe to use. You wouldn’t want to settle for “bargain brand” or lower grade oils that are most often extracted through chemical processes or with solvents to increase yield and profit. Hopefully like me, you would want to use essential oils that will harness maximum potency and give you the best health and wellness benefits.

Having tried various brands in the last 10+ years, we discovered doTERRA which quickly became our family essential oils of choice – it is our first stop for natural remedies as we take care of our health.

Why doTERRA?

  • doTERRA essential oils goes through rigorous tests more than any other company in the world to ensure consumer receives the most pure and potent oils that are free of pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. The company has a source to you website where we can enter the unique Quality ID found on the bottle to view the GCMS test report from an independent third party laboratory. What this transparency means to consumer is that the oils are more reliable, safe, and of highest quality in term of potency and pureness.
  • doTERRA is committed to sourcing the best essential oils in the world, direct from the grower. The company’s Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative ensures the process of the oil starts at the source and at the same time making a difference in developing countries through ways such as job creation and income creation for the local where it is needed – many did not have the money to provide education for their children and have no access to simple necessities such as clean and safe water to consume. Hence, we are very proud to be part of this initiative when we use the essential oils. Check out below video and here to find out more about this initiative.